Vital statistics
Position Huddle member
Age Adult
Status Markless
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Andrew is the Markless man who betrayed Logan Langly to DOME.


Andrew was among the Markless who escaped DOME's crackdown on downtown New Chicago. Fleeing to the Ruins, he became a part of Bridget's huddle. When he learned that Logan was the reason for those crackdowns, he became angry. Andrew could not understand why Logan had made such rash decisions and resented Logan for the sufferings his actions caused DOME to inflict on the Markless.


"Whether or not they're admitting it, DOME's rules have changed. Join Cylis and get Marked or die, am I right? One by one, if they have to—they're cleaning us out." —Andrew

Andrew meets Logan after Bridget brings Logan to spend the night with their huddle. In explaining the events of the past month to Logan, he, like Bridget, became suspicious that Logan was the boy responsible for all the problems. Andrew betrays Logan to DOME, leading him nearly into DOME's hands. His actions are rewarded by DOME--the huddle is allowed to live in the Ruins' buildings without fearing arrest. Bridget privately expresses her anger to Andrew and remains in her old place beneath the bridge. She proves to have the better foresight of the two. Ultimately most of the Markless in her huddle decide to join in the Markless protests, despite the possible danger.


Andrew is not an unpleasant person, but he tends to look out for himself first. As a result, he misses the larger principles surrounding what Logan did. The Markless protests blindside him, since he cannot understand why the Unmarked would take such enormous risks for potentially little gain.


Andrew's survival skills help him to escape DOME's street cleanings. He is also good at knowing how to make deals with the Marked authorities.

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