You may well be a normal twelve-year-old (or thirteen-year-old, or thirty-year-old), born on American soil. Probably you have never even been to another country. But that alone is not enough to make you a citizen. You know full well--you will never have citizenship rights unless you Pledge your loyalty to Chancellor Cylis, dictator of the Global Union. Without citizenship, you can't buy food. You can't pay rent. You can't go to a hospital. In fact, if you are accused of a crime, you can't even go to trial. Without Pledging and being Marked, you will become Dust--cast out from society.

The Mark offers security, employment, education, medical care. But there are risks associated with the Mark--risks no one wants to talk about. Almost no one, that is. Some Unmarked people have begun standing up to Cylis. They know his real motivations, and they want to fight back.

Sound interesting? Evan Angler has chronicled the story of these courageous people in his Swipe series. Four books have been published so far--Swipe, Sneak, Storm, and Spark. Click on the links below to learn more.