Connor Goodman
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 13
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
 Connor Goodman is an honor student turned terrorist. After his parents die trying to fulfill Lamson's orders regarding the weather mill, Connor tries to finish the task they started.


Connor was born in Lahoma, a small Midwestern town with few jobs outside of the weather mill that his parents manage.


"We're a Global Union, Father. There's only one country left. How are we at war?" --Connor

Connor is well known within his hometown of Lahoma for being the best student in school. No one else is terribly surprised when General Lamson arrives to present Connor with a reward of excellence, but Connor soon finds out, to his humiliation, that Lamson's real reasons for visiting Lahoma have nothing to do with Connor. Realizing that Cyclis is trying to harm the American State to cement his own power, Lamson came to Lahoma to ask Connor's parents to destroy the weather mill they manage. Connor's parents do as Lamson requests, ultimately dying in an attempt to destroy the weather mill. The attempt, however, is unsuccessful.

Connor wants to complete his parents' mission. He formulates a plan to destroy the mill for good, convincing his well-meaning friends to set up the town picnic he intends to serve as his cover. Just as Connor is launching his plan, he is interrupted by Logan and Hailey. Hailey places herself in front of the weather missiles to force Connor choose between abandoning his plan and killing her. Connor relents, and Logan helps Connor to redirect the missles. They shoot into the sky, creating a storm and ending the drought. They also, however, spread the Project Trumpet virus. Connor eventually goes public with what happened at the mill, blaming Logan for initiating Project Trumpet.


Connor sometimes gets called "Connor Goody Two-Shoes" because of how he seems to excel at everything he does. Connor resents the attention. He is indeed a perfectionist, but he does not like having a reputation as one. He can be very loyal--blindly loyal, in fact--toward those he trusts. But his strong desire to do what he sees as the right thing is ultimately what makes him change his mind about destroying the weather mill.

Family and RelationshipsEdit

Connor respects his parents' judgment, and because of that respect he dedicates himself to completing the task their deaths left unfinished.

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