The Department of Marked Emergencies (DOME) is responsible for dealing with crimes related to the Mark.


DOME was created following General Lamson's introduction of the Marking program in the American Union. DOME recognized the potential problems surrounding the essentially forced Pledge and implemented brain-computer interfaces as a way to screen Pledges for abnormalities or signs of disloyalty.


DOME is a large bureaucracy, and as such its many employees function by myriad rules. These employees include nurses, Pledge administrators ("Markers"), agents, and soldiers.


DOME is in charge of the Pledging process. Its employees administer the Pledge, and its soldiers transport flunkees to IMP complexes like Acheron.

DOME agents investigate crimes related to the Mark. They also often take responsibility for arresting Unmarked vagrants. Generally they follow traditional legal procedures, but they will go to any length, even murder, in order to protect the Marking procedure, which they view as the glue that holds the Global Union together.

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