General Lamson
Vital statistics
Position Co-leader of Global Union
Age Elderly
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
General Lamson is the leader of the American Union. Supposedly he is in complete cooperation with Chancellor Cylis, but the two men eventually become locked in a power struggle, which Lamson loses.


General Lamson led the winning side in the States War. He achieved that victory by destroying a dam which then flooded much of the East Coast. Lamson then built Beacon City on top of the ruins, making it the new capital of the American Union. He also ordered that Acheron be constructed beneath the hill that formed Beacon City, creating a place for potentially subversive elements of society to be turned into his private army, the International Moderators of Peace (IMPS).


During Swipe, the government of the American Union is being merged with the government of the Global Union. Lamson and Cylis are viewed as equal partners in the merger.


Lamson cooperates with Cylis's wishes to expedite the Global Union Treaty through the American Parliament, thus creating the Global Union.


"There is no good and evil in this world, Logan. Not as I see it. There are only winners--and losers."
—General Lamson

Lamson becomes concerned the Cylis means to increase his power at the expense of what is now known as the American State. Fearing that Cylis will try to launch Project Trumpet at the expense of the Marked population in the Americas, Lamson goes to Lahoma for help. Ostensibly he means to give an award to honor student Connor Goodman, but his real reason for going is to make a visit to Connor's parents, managers of the weather mill. Lamson asks them to destroy it in order to prevent Cylis from working his schemes on the Marked. Connor's parents comply, but they do not successfully destroy the mill. Connor tries to complete their mission, but he is stopped by Logan and Hailey. As a result, Project Trumpet is launched, causing sickness and death among the Marked population of the American State.

Logan goes to confront Lamson in Beacon City following his efforts at the weather mill. Logan received the vaccine that has cause Project Trumpet to become effective among the Marked, and, since he believes he is dying, he wants Lamson to answer his questions. Lamson, however, is also dying. He unfolds Cylis's scheme to Logan, including Logan's own part in helping it to succeed. Then Lamson dies, a defeated and embittered man.

Physical AppearanceEdit

General Lamson is elderly, and his growing weakness is evident in his increasingly feeble appearance.


General Lamson's advancing age and poor physical condition have left him frail, nervous, tired, and irritable.

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