The Global Union (G.U.) is a fusion of the American and European Unions. It is centered in Europe and led by Chancellor Dominic Cylis.


The Global Union originated through the efforts of Dominic Cylis, chancellor of the European Union. Initially, Cylis focused on uniting the economies of the European and American unions. Sensing that Lamson was beginning to mistrust him, he quickly pushed the merger of the governments of their countries through the American Parliament.


The Global Union encompasses Europe and North America. Since the other continents of the world no longer have organized governments, Cylis believed that he was justified in calling the merger of the European and American unions "global."

Third Rome is the political capital of the Global Union. Located on the Italian peninsula, Chancellor Cylis had it built out of the ashes of the old city of Rome, which was destroyed in the European War.


The Global Union is made up of the European State and the American State. Chancellor Cylis has predominant control over the Global Union.


The economy of the Global Union is centered the American State, on Beacon City's Barrier Street.

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