Vital statistics
Position Pet
Age 1
Status Still crawling
Physical attributes
Height Four feet long
Weight Average
Iggy is Erin Arbitor’s pet iguana.


Pet iguanas are illegal, but having a law enforcement officer for a dad means that Erin can get by with breaking some minor rules. Although Iggy is not exactly personable, Erin is very attached to him.


Iggy accompanies Erin to Spokie, spending much of the train journey sitting on Erin’s lap. When Erin begins testing out DOME surveillance equipment, she tries using surveillance powder on Iggy. The powder works, but Iggy escapes into the streets of Spokie and begins scaring people. Erin, with the unexpected help of Hailey Phoenix, has to rescue the lizard.


Iggy returns to Beacon City with Erin after her father is demoted by DOME. When Erin leaves home to find Logan, she leaves Iggy behind.


Erin’s parents care for Iggy while Erin is in Sierra City. When the Arbitors take in the Dust and Tyler begins building forts in their living room, Iggy gets lost in the confusion. It takes the combined efforts of Shawn, Meg, and Tyler to find him underneath the mess that Tyler made.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Iggy is four feet long and scaly.


Iguanas do not have personalities. They do, however, have salmonella. But whatever bacteria Iggy is carrying evidently is not terribly dangerous, because when Erin kisses Iggy in Swipe, wanting to “puke her brains out and die,” she does neither.

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