is a small Midwestern town that is part of the New Chicago metropolitan area.


Lahoma has a very small and homogenous population--somewhere between fifty and sixty families--largely as a result of how few jobs are available in the area. As a result of its size and the scarcity of its resources, Lahoma does not have a Markless population.


Lahoma is located in what was once known as the Great Plains. It lies on an extremely flat area of land, which is uninhabited outside of the town. The houses in Lahoma are all built by the dirt road called Main Street. A field to one side of the town holds an old baseball diamond and a wooden grandstand, while the Lahoma Weather Mill is located east of town.


Lahoma’s only major industry is provided by its weather mill, where many of Lahoma’s citizens are employed.


Following the environmental destruction that accompanied the States War, General Lamson had a weather mill built in Lahoma under the supervision of DOME's environmental division. Storms tended to either be too harsh or not come at all, so Lamson developed a method of controlling rainfall that involved cloud seeding through the use of the weather mill.

Shortly after the American Union became a part of the Global Union, General Lamson learned that Chancellor Cylis was planning to use the weather mill to launch Project Trumpet, a virus that could kill nearly all the Marked citizens of the new American State. He went to the managers of the mill, Mr. and Mrs. Goodman, and asked that they prevent Cylis from unleashing his scheme. The Goodmans first created a permadrought and then attempted to destroy the weather mill, but they failed, killing themselves in the process. Their son, Connor Goodman, attempted to carry out what he believed were their plans, but he was stopped by Logan Langly and Hailey Phoenix, who feared that his destruction of the weather mill would cause the Unmarked population to die of famine. As a result, Project Trumpet was spread across the country. The mill was subsequently used to spread an antidote to the virus.


Lahoma's homes are all post-Unity, although they are built according to a pre-Unity style. The town hall is probably a pre-Unity building, with a steeple and a bell that the Lahomans never use.

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