Michael Cheswick
Vital statistics
Position Member of Global Council
Age Adult
Status Marked
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Michael Cheswick has served in a number of governmental positions, including as director of DOME in New Chicago and as a member of General Lamson's staff.


Michael Cheswick was born before the States War tore the United States apart. He quickly became a strong supporter of General Lamson and of the Unity. Joining DOME, he rose through the ranks to serve as the director of the Umbrella, DOME's New Chicago hub. He also came into contact with Chancellor Cylis and quickly became the chancellor's ally. When the goals of Cylis and Lamson began to conflict, Cheswick sided with Cylis.

Cylis wanted to test whether the Project Trumpet virus could be used against Marked civilians, and Cheswick helped carry out his wishes. Cheswick smuggled Cylis's Project Trumpet cannisters into the American State and then infected nearly two dozen innocent Marked with the virus. Assembling the Trumpet Task Force from among the International Moderators of Peace, Cheswick ordered the task force--including Lily Langly--to murder them.


"This is war. People die in war."—Michael Cheswick

Cheswick surprises Lily Langly by showing up in Acheron following an IMP Roll Rank meeting. He was transferred to work in Beacon following the Markless protests, and now he wants Lily to come with him. Cylis has asked to see Lily, so Cheswick escorts her to Cylis's personal space elevator.

Cheswick spends the duration of Storm working on Lamson's staff, helping him arrange his schedule and decide his priorities for the day. When Lamson repeatedly questions Cheswick's stationing an extra IMP in his office, Cheswick emphasizes all the important tasks Lily is performing, thus keeping Lamson quiet while Lily serves as an operative for Cylis.

Cheswick stands near Lily at Chancellor Cylis's installment as supreme leader of the Global Union. He expresses his admiration for her work in fulfilling Cylis's wishes, and particularly in using her brother to do the dirty work. Believing that Lily is as loyal to Cylis as he is, Cheswick tells her that he looks forward to working with her on the Cylis's Global Council in the future.


Michael Cheswick firmly believes that the end justifies the means. Whether that means involves flunking thirteen-year-old Pledges, murdering Marked adults, or helping infect an entire continent with a deadly virus, Cheswick will use it, without regrets, in order to accomplish his goals. Cheswick's one good point, perhaps, is his loyalty. Since that loyalty is only to Cylis, however, even his singular good point is not very comforting.