Sam Rhyne
Vital statistics
Position Student
Age 10 or 11
Status Underage
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sam Rhyne is the elementary-aged son of Dr. Arianna Rhyne.


By the time Sam was born, the States War was over, the Marking program was firmly in place, and his mother was an influential scientist on Cylis’s payroll. As a result, Sam grew up within the Marked world of Sierra City. The Marked world of Sierra City, however, is a rather free-thinking one, where honest questions are encouraged, Unity or no.


When Dr. Rhyne wants to reach Logan, Peck, Erin, and Hailey before the DOME agents do, she uses Sam as her messenger, sending him off in a POD. Sam lands near the four fugitives and convinces them to come on board with him, explaining that he is Dr. Rhyne’s son. They agree, and Sam takes them to the science building where his mother’s laboratory is located.

Sam does not often venture into his mother’s laboratory, although he does come in once to bring a news update. In his eagerness, he bounces straight into his mother and lands on the floor.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sam is about ten or eleven years old. Because of his age, he is not yet Marked. Like his mother, he tends to wear shirts with bright swirling designs.


Sam has a very eager temperament and—unsurprisingly, for a child of such intelligent parents—he tends to be precocious. His parents give him a great deal of independence, which he gladly accepts. He gladly helps his mother and seems genuinely interested in her research projects.

Family and RelationshipsEdit

Sam and his parents seem to enjoy one another’s company, although Sam can be a bit overly excitable at times.


Sam is adept at traveling around Sierra City, even though he is underage.

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