Vital statistics
Position Member of the Dust
Age Teenager
Status Inactive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Shawn, known in Beacon City as “the Tech Whiz,” is the newest member of the Dust.


Shawn evidently abandoned Marked life for the same reason as Peck, Blake, and Logan—the freedom. An expert computer hacker, he made a life for himself on the streets of Beacon City by clearing Marked citizens’ records of unwanted Markscans.


“It’s not a Tech Whiz. It’s the Tech Whiz.” —Shawn

Erin met Shawn while trying to find a way into the Markless sublevel of Beacon City. As a hacker herself, she was intrigued by his computer skills, and she promised him her tablet in exchange if he would show her the sublevel. Shawn helped her locate Logan and the Dust, not knowing that none of them trusted Erin after her repeated betrayals. Shawn was held captive with Erin during the initial Acheron break-in, but he partnered with her during the second break-in to deal with the technological aspects of the prison. Afterwards, Shawn remained with the Dust.


Shawn participates in the Dust’s efforts to find Eddie, although these escapades have less to do with his technological background than with throwing things and running. When Tyler vandalized the image of Cyclis, Shawn helped Blake haul Tyler to safety. The three of them dashed to an elevator, where they were caught by Mr. Arbitor. Once Mr. Arbitor convinced the them, along with the rest of the Dust, of his good intentions, Shawn accompanied the others back to the Arbitors’ apartment. Shawn participated in the conference call with Erin, and he hacked DOME’s computers during the Dust’s sweep of headquarters. (Unfortunately, he found nothing related to Project Trumpet beyond an email about music lessons.)


Shawn is the first person that Logan sees when he and Ali look into Beacon's Markless sublevel through the Ultranet. With the Markless protests past, Shawn has returned to his old job, hacking into Markscan databases and removing scans for a fee.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Shawn is about thirteen or fourteen years old. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Unlike many Markless, he is not underweight—his hacking business provides him with more than enough to eat.


Shawn is confident in his technical skills—annoyingly confident, at times. Unfortunately, his people skills are not quite as strong, and he can come across as goofy. He seems, like Tyler, to have joined the Dust for partly for the fun of it. Overall, however, he takes life more seriously than Tyler does.


Shawn’s hacking skills rival, if not surpass, Erin’s. And if he was not good at running and throwing things before meeting the Dust, Tyler’s schemes provide him with plenty of practice.

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