Sierra Symbol
Sierra City is the technology capital of the Global Union, as well as its most lawless metropolitan area.


Sierra City was built after earthquakes destroyed much of the West Coast in what used to be the United States. After the violence and environmental devastation of the States War, much of the area was in ruins, but it soon was rebuilt into the technology capital of the American Union.

Four members of the Dust--Daniel Peck, Logan Langly, Erin Arbitor, and Hailey Phoenix --traveled to Sierra City in order to find Dr. Arianna Rhyne, creator of the Project Trumpet virus. In her Sierra laboratory, Dr. Rhyne developed the cure for Project Trumpet that saved the Marked population from almost certain death.


Sierra City
Sierra City is located in what used to be a desert area of the American Southwest. Its suburbs stretch from the Pacific Coast into what was once Mexico.


Sierra City houses the headquarters of the DOME's scientists, which include Dr. Rhyne and her husband.


Although most people in Sierra City are Marked, they are more open to dissent than are the Marked in most other parts of the American State. The Sierra library is full of pre-Unity books, many of which are banned.

Markless CommunityEdit

The Markless in Sierra City have more freedom than the Markless in many other areas. Since law enforcement is decidedly less than energetic, they can mingle with the Marked population without fear of DOME.

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