Urban decay
Slog Row was the home of Spokie's Markless community until the street was cleared by DOME.


Slog Row was once a respectable part of Spokie. In fact, the Spokie Firehouse was located on that street. When a new firehouse was built, however, the old building was left abandoned. Following the introduction of the Marking program, the building became a refuge for those Markless who had been forced to leave their homes.

Initially, the Marked residents of Slog Row would call the police when they saw Markless using the firehouse building as their sleeping quarters. The police cleared the firehouse every night, preventing the Markless from making permanent homes there. The Markless, however, always returned after the police had gone. Crime grew more frequent in the area, and, as a result, the Marked residents began moving to better parts of town. Their empty homes then became additional refuges for the Markless.

Following Dane's kidnapping, DOME decided to attempt to find the Dust by clearing Slog Row. DOME descended on the street, arresting anyone they found taking refuge in the buildings. Those Markless who were not arrested fled the Row for safer areas.


Slog Row was on the opposite side of the expressway from most of Spokie's more respectable neighborhoods. It stretched from the firehouse building to the abandoned Fulmart and was roughly a quarter of a mile in length.


While the Markless are technically not allowed to make purchases, Slog Row had a thriving black market.

The FulmartEdit

Mama and Papa Hayes served as the self-appointed managers of the Fulmart, which had not been destocked before it was abandoned. Families were permitted to come and take what they needed. If they attempted to take more, then they would be banished from the store.


Mama and Papa Hayes made a shortwave radio broadcast in order to help encourage the Spokie Markless, as well as to update them on Markless news from across the American Union. Their broadcast lasted for about a month following the destruction of Slog Row and ended with Papa Hayes's death.

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