New Hampshire flag burning
The States War
was a civil war fought within the United States. General Lamson won the war, ushering in the Unity.


The individual American states were divided over a number of issues, including economics, religion, and human rights. Additionally, the Tipping Point--the point at which weather had warmed so much that many areas were rendered unfit for habitation--caused a struggle over resources such as food and water. The States War occurred at the same time as the European War and is considered a part of the Total War.


The States War was extremely violent. Its effects spanned the entire United States and resulted in thousands of deaths and the destruction of many homes.

The pivotal moment in the war is known as the Rupturing of the Dam. The East Belt Dike had long held the Atlantic Ocean back from flooding the Washington, D.C. area. Several years into the fighting, however, the state that General Lamson led decided to blow up the dam in order to achieve a turning point in the war. Most of the coastal states were flooded. Their destruction helped General Lamson achieve victory.


General Lamson built Beacon City above the ruins of Washington, D.C., which was destroyed by the Rupturing of the Dam. In order to prevent the outbreak of a similar war, he instituted the Unity, utilizing Cylis's Mark program to control potentially dangerous elements within what he now called the American Union . States were abolished, since dissension between them had led to the war. A parliamentary system, with General Lamson as the country's permanent leader, was adopted instead.

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