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Author Evan Angler
Illustrator None
Published on April 6, 2012
Published by Thomas Nelson
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Swipe is the first book in the Swipe Series.


"Getting the Mark means that you become free." At least, that is what twelve-year-old Logan Langly's father tells him. And why shouldn't it be true? With the Mark—a simple nanoink wrist tattoo—you can get a job, make purchases, register to vote, and more. The Mark represents adulthood. Once Logan couldn't wait until he turned thirteen and was allowed to undergo the Marking ceremony. But that eagerness died four and a half years ago—with Logan's older sister.

Lily was a casualty of the Marking process. The DOME agent who gave Logan's family the news preferred complicated terms like "procedural risk." But only one word matters to Logan—"dead." Lily is gone forever, leaving Logan's family broken.

Because of Lily, it is fairly natural for Logan to be afraid of becoming Marked himself. But Logan's fears go beyond the Marking. Since Lily's death, someone has been watching him—slipping into his room, moving things, leaving windows open. Erin Arbitor, daughter of a DOME agent, believes that the perpetrator is a Markless teenager known only as Peck. And she warns Logan that Peck has been guilty of assault, kidnapping, and worse. But adults no longer take Logan's fears seriously. The only way for Logan to be free is to take matters into his own hands.

Hunting down Peck, however, is more difficult than either Logan or Erin expected. Just who is he, and why don't DOME's accusations against him add up? Why does he track twelve-year-olds who are about to be Marked? And why do many Markless seem to admire him?

As Logan tries to follow Peck, Peck's friends are following Logan. Watching. Waiting. Logan doesn't know what they want. But it has something to do with the Mark. Is Logan's life in danger? And if so—from whom? In the end, Peck, fugitive though he is, may be the only one who can tell Logan the real meaning of the Mark.



1. Swipe on Wikipedia

Book TrailerEdit

SWIPE by Evan Angler - Book Trailer01:15

SWIPE by Evan Angler - Book Trailer

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