Vital statistics
Position Village of the Valley resident
Age Adult
Status Markless
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Average

Tabitha is a resident of the Village of the Valley.


Tabitha married her husband Hans long before the States War tore the American continent apart. Following the war, Hans and Tabitha refused the Mark. They found that being Markless  was particularly difficult in the city, especially since they were past middle age. Abandoning metropolitan life, they retreated to the Village of the Valley, where they found community with other aging Markless.


Hans and Tabitha offer shelter to Logan, Hailey, and Dane when they arrive at the Village, seeking shelter and guidance. When some of the rumors Hans had heard about Acheron, as well as his views on Revelation, frightened the three, Tabitha helped to calm them down. Hans helped build the canoe in which Logan and Hailey traveled to Beacon City. Dane continued living with Tabitha and Hans after he decided to remain in the Village of the Valley to begin a radio broadcast.


Tabitha's love for Hans remains strong, despite the difficult circumstances they have faced since choosing Marklessness. She shows kindness and hospitality toward Markless travelers who come to the Village.

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