The Unity was instituted by General Lamson following the States War as an attempt to prevent further conflicts within the American Union.


The Unity had two major features. The first was introduction of the Marking program. The chancellor of the European Union, Dominic Cylis, had invented as a way to unify the population of the E.U. Lamson did not make the program mandatory, but those who decided not to participate were prohibited from working, voting, receiving medical care, or purchasing food. As a result, most of the population decided to Pledge. Those who did not soon found themselves at the fringes of society.

The second major feature of the Unity was the Inclusion. This program was an attempt to prevent the religious disagreements that helped to fuel the States War. Under the Inclusion, all religions were combined into a vague system that preached patriotism and peace. Discussing the old religions in any depth was forbidden among the Marked population. To encourage people to embrace the Inclusion, Lamson declared an Inclusion Day, which was observed with parades and celebrations.

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