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Vital statistics
Position Vice commander of an Italian militia
Age Adult
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Turin is the Italian military leader whose men murdered Chancellor Cylis's mother, Lydia Baros.


Turin was born in Italy shortly before the European War began. Presumably Turin's parents either died as a result of the war, or the war broke up his family in some other way. Whatever the cause, by the age of fifteen, Turin was left on his own. Eventually he wandered into Switzerland. Without money or a way to support himself, Turin broke into the house of Lydia Baros with a gun, demanding food. Lydia's son Dominic, later to become Chancellor Cylis, surprised Turin and held him at gunpoint. Dominic wanted to shoot him, but Lydia insisted that they show him mercy. She gave Turin the food he wanted and sent him away.

Lydia's gift could not sustain Turin for very long. Desperate for both food and companionship, Turin soon joined an Italian militia, where he rose through the ranks until he became vice commander. Three years after his life was spared by Lydia Baros, Turin returned to her Swiss refugee community with his men in tow. Turin's men killed nearly everyone in the area. Only Dominic Baros and his sister Marina survived.


Little is known about Turin's personality except that he is willing to do whatever he feels is necessary to survive in war-torn Europe. Whether or not Turin was directly responsible for the violence of his men, he did not attempt to intervene.

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