Wallace Gregory Martin
Vital statistics
Position Homeless
Age About 35
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Underweight
Wallace Martin is a Markless man whom Logan Langly meets in Swipe.


Wallace Martin grew up in what was once Iowa. At the age of nine, he lost his father to armed marauders; at the age of twelve, he enlisted to fight in the States War. During the war, he served as a medic. His unit suffered many casualties during the fighting. Out of four hundred men, he was the only one who survived.

When the Marking program began, Wallace was suffering too much from trauma to register for his own Pledge. As a result, he ended up living on Slog Row. His health began failing, but without a Mark, he could not receive medical attention for his liver condition. Wallace found his way to the old firehouse and spent his last days there, surrounded by other dying Markless.


Logan Langly meets Wallace while attempting to search for Peck on Slog Row. Logan intended to ask the inhabitants of the old firehouse for information. He finds himself giving Wallace his sandwich instead.

Wallace dies during the DOME raid on Slog Row. He is no more than thirty-five years old.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Wallace has thin brown hair, pulled back in a ponytail, and his eyes are yellowed. Many of his teeth are missing or discolored and broken. His skin is covered in liver spots. Despite his illness, Wallace does care about his personal appearance, and he shaves regularly.


Profiling the Markless

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